Monday, August 4, 2014

Summer Livin' & Lovin' - in words

I know it's not classy to start every post with a 'sorry I haven't blogged in pert near a decade..'  Unfortunately it's usually appropriate.

Here's a list of major life events since last I wrote:

  • FIRE.  My parents had a very serious house fire that started in or near the chimney (a hot topic between insurance companies, pun totally intended).  My dad is a think-on-his-feet kinda guy, so as soon as one of my brothers came down from his bedroom asking why it smelled like someone was roasting marshmallows, Dad was up there with both guns blazin'..uhh, I mean fire extinguishers extinguishing.  Thankfully the fire department (a small town volunteer crew) arrived quickly on the scene and working brilliantly, despite the wild west wind, settled the flames.  Praise Jesus my little brothers were not in their beds, as the chimney runs up the wall between their rooms-- so thankful to have them both I can't find enough words of gratitude and relief and joy and relief...  The house did not fair so well after 4 inches of smoke water poured through it.  And now- the process of rebuilding after tearing apart is finally underway!  My dad and many other talented family members had put so much thought and work into this house in the first place, and it was nearly done!... so if we dwell on the fact that they're starting over, it gets pretty discouraging.  Instead we lift our heads and our hearts to Jesus, thanking him for the safety of our family and a chance to redesign the house. ;)
  • GEORGIANNA.  This sweet pea turned 4 in May.  Holy buckets!  In honor of that, one of my all time favorite G quotes/questions to ponder: "Mom, do bad guys brush their teeth?"  Deep.  And no, I didn't know what to say.  A tender-hearted little person, with more facial expressions and poses for the camera than a circus, this girl has me smiling and scratching my head on the daily.  She sings and dances and changes dresses and brushes her teeth in the morning and pretends to read her Bible and rides her bike and draws and loves food...sounds a lot like me.
  • WEDDING.  Earlier this summer I did the flowers for another beautiful bride.  We arranged flowers right at Market Flowers, a part of the Farmer's Market in Minneapolis.  It was such a fantastic experience, and through it I was able to book another wedding for this fall (my sister was my PR department, scribbling my contact info on a bunch of post-it notes and handing them out to curious passers-by.  Overhead?  None.).  I also had the privilege of spending the wedding morning with the bridal party as they primped and prepped and I did hair.  God is so good to bring these opportunities my way.  I love to push beauty to its full potential, and flower arranging and hair doing are just that- as if God gives me a canvas that he has created and says, 'Here, let's finish this together.'      
  • THIRTY.  The number I turned on my birthday this year.  Waw.  Andrew had a day trip planned- when I got out to Goldie, under my seat were the clues for the day.  A crossword book (meaning we'd be in the car a while), a box of hot tamales (yumm), and a flea market magazine!  We were headed to a flea market in Wadena.  The day was a dream, bumming with my besties (Andrew, Oliver, G, Marg, and Winner), then ending in Red Wing for cupcakes with my parents and majority of my sibs.  And now I have gray hair.
  • WINSTON.  Little homey had his half birthday last month!  He's such a noodle.  Jumps nearly to the moon in his Johnny Jump Up, loves rice cereal (or as my dad calls it 'pablum'.  Is that even a thing?), has 2 teeth, and aside from some teething sadness, is a pretty jolly little dude.  With rosy cheeks and a round tummy.  Like living with Santa.  What a blessing.
  • GARAGE SALES.  You guys.  I have hit a couple of home runs this summer.  Lamps, art, furniture.  There will be a post with pictures soon ('soon' is a relative term here at MHM, meaning sometime within this season...or next).
  • GENEVIEVE JEAN.  Or as the kids call her, 'Peanut'.  Vivi was born to Anna and Luke on July 9th.  She is beautiful.  Her skin is like a night on the sea.  She screams like a girl and loves to eat.  Again, sounds like me.  
  • CAITLYN SMITH.  Anna and Luke are related to this lovely and talented country singer that swept us all up at a backyard concert last week (formally dubbed #potluckshow).  Her voice is amazing and her personality rivals it.  Georgi was so enthralled at the chance to meet her afterward, that on the way home she said (with a glint in her voice), "Now she knows my name!" 
The next installment will include photos- promise!


carol said...

The next post that involves photos better be later today...this, by the way, is a fantastic post!

angie said...

oh my gosh, your parents' fire! i've heard so few details about it, i'm glad you explained a little. what a shame! i'm so sorry for the never-ending enormity of it all. :( but praise the lord that everyone was kept safe. the ultimate blessing.
as for the rest, liz, i cannot wait for photos! love this catch-up, and i know how very hard it is to find time for them any more! keep it up as you're able. :) lots of love!

Melissa said...

Oh Liz. I LOVE reading your posts. Always. Seriously, could you write some type of coffee table book? I am not sure on what, but I will buy 100 copies :)

Liz said...

Aw, thanks dear ladies. I write it for you!