Wednesday, December 4, 2013

Making Merry

Christmas.  That's what we're celebrating.  The birth of Jesus.  The Savior of the world.  Amen.

And now some pictures of our preparations...

Advent.  I really wanted to follow this whole Advent idea from one of my favorite blogs.  But since I can't really just run to Target for supplies (bed rest, you know), and only want to burden Andrew with essentials, I had to dig around in my craft stash.  And here's what we came up with: 

Supplies needed to make the amazing Toftness Advent candles. ;)

Oh, you also need two stooges to ease the work load.  My third stooge would have been working counterproduction, but was *thankfully* nestled all snug in her bed.

Christmas came to town in the living room too.  I made this string of tassels with some white fabric, then started thinking they looked kind of like ghosts.  Wrong holiday..not that I would decorate for Halloween, but after accidentally being an expert Halloween decor fashonista, next year better watch it.  Them's jokes.  Anyway, I asked Andrew if he thought the tassels looked like ghosts and  he says, "I thought they were supposed to be angels."  I give up.  But they're not coming down. 

A peek inside my bookcases.

I had a bad habit of collecting Reader's Digest books at rummage sales for a while because they're usually free.  Would I pass up an old and free book?  There was a time when I would not.  Anyway, the tops of the pages just happen to be so festively gold, I tipped them all and there you go.  The frame holds a vintage Christmas postcard from Andrew's aunt Linda.  Now before you get too excited for me and my creativity concerning the Christmas tree o' books, let me tell you I saw this in an Anthropology display.  Mediocre copy of another man's genius.   

Here you can sort of see my little antique candles in the windows.  I actually have an outlet ON A SWITCH behind that stable and by golly it's the slickest thing.  Turn off the ceiling lights, turn on the orange candle lights.  Zappo presto.

Kitchen shelf got a little snazzy.

You may remember the two large chalkboards Andrew made for this amazing wedding?  One resides in Marg's room (soon to be mr. mr.'s nursery), and now this one proclaims the names of Jesus in the dining room.  Oliver illustrated.
Back to Advent-- we've been doing a couple of Advent readings each day-not because we're super holy, but because they're both so great and straightforward.  In the mornings I read to the kids from this book:

There's a door to open each day with a Bible verse or two telling a new part of the great story.  It's short and sweet which captivates little minds, and teaches well.  Plus the pictures are glorious.

At supper time we light one of the candles and read from the Jesus Storybook Bible following this reading plan.  You guys.  This version of a children's Bible is amazing.  The pictures are incredible, which is one of my number one requirements in an illustrated book.  Seriously, why do so many people think they're artists?  Anyway, the CONTENT of this book is so beautiful, too.  It really gives a fresh perspective on things that we've heard since we were young, you know?  God's love is so vast and His plan so brilliant and His power so magnificent.

So we're just keeping it simple, but hopefully still focused.  

Tomorrow, the tree. 


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angie said...

i love everything about this! yay! you are winning at christmas. :)