Thursday, November 12, 2009


I loath technology. This may come as a surprise since it's the catalyst to Blogging, but I would give up my computer if only we could go back to the times of pen and paper (this wouldn't be difficult since I haven't had a computer in my home for a year and a half). The written word. I would love to sit down at a computerless desk and draft a personal note. That concept is out of date. Life is too busy to spend time being personal. I feel like Cathleen Kelly's boyfriend, Frank, on You've Got Mail.
Frank: Name one good thing that has come from technology.
Cathleen's reply, ripe with whit: Electricity.
That's one.
Anyway, at the top of my hate list has been, since it's $500 premier in 2007, the iPhone. I make fun of people who have them. I say they're unnecessary and dull. I'm thinking people don't need to be THAT connected ALL THE TIME. Imagine my lack of integrity when, upon going to AT&T for a plan renewal and new phone, I walked out with none other than...the iPhone of my nightmares. Even as the salesman was showing Andrew and me all the features, I kept saying I hated touch screen and I really didn't want one.
Three days later I'm still feasting on humble pie.
I will stand by my conviction about personal contact, however. There is a time and a place for everything - texting and talking, emailing and snail-mailing.
We've been studying the Gospel of John this year in Bible study and I am amazed at how deliberate Jesus in coming in contact with people. He never avoided a Divine appointment, but engaged in thought provoking conversation, displaying love and care to the 'least of these.' Even though taking the long way around Samaria would have saved him the trouble of talking to the troubled woman at the well, he went through Samaria for just that reason. Because He took the time, not only the woman, but also the majority of the town, were saved. Wow. Since I don't thrive on communication with the outside world (outside my world of Andrew, Olives, and our families), I only hope that I can be aware of the opportunities God gives me to brighten a day, change a life.
One thing's bothering me about my phone still, though. I can't get the silly thing to Blog. Any help?


carol said...

I love this blog! How were you blogging at 10:00 this morning and sitting next to me at Bible Study Fellowship at the same time?

angie said...

alright, you NEED to figure out how to blog from it. when i saw the blog title, all i could think was "yay! unfettered blogging from lizzy!!!" hahaha

Liz said...

Oh I know Angie! I thought that would be the one good thing about this technology being forced on me.. Blogging. I guess I probably need some type of app. Dorky. I can comment on blogs and write a title but can't get my keys to pop up when I'm in the composition area. Sick