Friday, November 20, 2009

Bossy big brother-isms

Oliver has a new one. When asked, "Is your baby going to be a baby sister or a baby brother?" if he doesn't say sister/Blackie, he may say, "A baby brother. We're gonna name him Popsicle Icicle." I have no idea where this came from, as it is with most of what comes out of his mouth. There's an extensive list of words we can't say - the words that I've heard roll off his tongue and make me wince. The problem with me telling him we don't say 'stupid'... now I'm not allowed to say it either. The preschool police will have you eating your words if 'shut up' crosses your lips. "We don't say shut up, Mom." Thanks Olives. Another good one: Dad called Oliver a big brother. Oliver responded, "Good job, Grampa."
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angie said...

bah ha! okay, this post makes me so excited for quinn to be little olive's age. i love that your funny boy is becoming such a little person! isn't it crazy to realize he thinks ON HIS OWN? maybe this is just the new parent in me, but seriously. mind boggling.
p.s. he is adorable. i love him.
p.p.s. how are you feeling???

Liz said...

Hey Angie, yes-- I am so excited for
little Quinn to start giving you some
glimpses of his personality. it's so
surprising and and funny and just
shocking! Thank you for loving olives.
I also love your little quinn! And thanks
for asking- I'm feeling fine as frog's hair
as they say:)