Thursday, January 22, 2009

Merry Christmas! record keeping skills via blog are disappointingly belated. I miss having my computer at home. (I'm even easily forgetting how slow and tired that machine was, only having fond memories of my time punching away at its keys.) But here I am, online at last, though momentarily.
Short, sweet update: our Christmas was great, New Years, too. Next week Oliver will be two. Our house is coming along swimmingly - not speedily, but swimmingly. We're loving the snow and ice, but there would be little chagrin if summer came tomorrow!
Vocab word for the day -- 'skulduggery'. It means mean trickery. I found it while searching my dictionary for a word that I've learned doesn't exist. What a score!Posted by Picasa


moren blog said...

yay! you posted! love it. missed it.
love, anna

angie said...

please, oh please, tell us what word you were looking for! i love made up vocab. :)
so glad you made it back to the internets, however brief your visit was. your house is looking awesome! what good little workers you all are.