Sunday, December 21, 2008

Merry Christmas to All!

'Twas 3 days before Christmas and all through the house...everyone's snoozing but me. I'm thinking of all the things I could - no, should - be doing at home, as I sleep the air out of an inflatable bed at Mom and Dad's.
Anna and Luke got in last night amidst the blizzarding blizzard, so Oliver, Andrew, and I joined the welcoming/slumbering committee.
Oliver has been at Bubba (my dad) and Mama's (my mom) since Friday night. It was due to this fact that Andrew and I went to the most amazing movie ever Friday - Fireproof. Now, I'll give the disclaimer that it's not the most professional acting (makes sense since they were all amateurs with the exception of Kirk Cameron). And the videography isn't going to win any awards. HOWEVER, the message of marriage is so beautifully conveyed I cried. I don't tear up easily, but I became a reincarnation of Old Faithful, gushing at least five times throughout the film. This doesn't have much to do with the season of Christmas which is so heavily upon us, and that's highly unusual for me to blog about something not acutely Christmas this time of year. It was that good people. I interrupt my regularly scheduled Cheermeister writings to bring you good news of great joy - marriage is a wonderful covenant designed by God and sometimes we just need to be reminded of its goodness. That sounded pretty Christmassy, right?
Let's get to the real issue of today, though (I know you thought marriage was a real issue..). Anna, Sally, Megan, Josie, Hannah -and I!- are singing in church this morning at Mom and Dad's church in Pierz. You know that Carole of the Bells performed by animals? The chickens and goats clucking and bucking their hearts out for Jesus...? I can't help imagining myself as one of the barnyard carolers. The rest of the girls could qualify for an angel choir if the angels were holding try-outs, but I'm more on track with what's on the ground with the shepherds, not in the air above. Moo, Baa, La La La... I'll let you know how it goes...

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angie said...

merry christmas!!! hope you and all the fam had a beautiful time together.
p.s. when is anna going to start a blog?!?!? JEEZ.