Thursday, January 15, 2015

Three months ago Margot...

Oo, this Margot Meg.  She turned 3 in October.  Let's honor her with a flood of pictures, eh?

Marg's 'Sweet Summer Sun, why'd you have to go and leave us?' face.  Not sure what G's expression means...
Hangin' with Great Grandma K. on her 87th birthday.
Margot loves 'Marian Poppins' (she's watching it as I type this, as a matter of fact), so naturally we did a-- shall we say 'rustic'-- Marian Poppins themed birthday party.  I quickly scribbled on this chalkboard, totally messing up supercalifragelisticexpialidocious (then Marg scribbled some more), but you get the idea.
Mary's hat reincarnated as a cake.
Girl wore her vintage dress from Nana in an effort to look like Jane Banks.
I'll spare you *most of* the droning of a mother in love with her child, and just give you a few Margot-isms to mull over.  
  • despite her independence with dressing, undressing, teeth brushing, hair brushing, hair washing, etc., she's usually playing quite near me instead of with the older two.
  • she has crooked pinkies like her mama, Great Grandpa K., and a few other relatives. 
  • girl likes things in pairs, and can't handle if things aren't in their proper place.  She's not a neat-freak (I wish), but if one marker is missing from the box she will go on an exhaustive search of the tri-county area in order to restore the item to its proper place alongside its compadres.
  • she has drawn on more non-paper surfaces than the older two combined.
  • she is miniature in stature- closer to the size of a two year old than her three year peer group.  
  • both her first and middle name mean 'pearl'.
  • today she's been calling me 'mama' instead of just mom.
That's my girl.

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