Thursday, July 5, 2012

July 4th

Pre-parade Pez.

Margot and Papa T.

Our 4th loving family five.

The kids swimming with Nana and Papa T.

Cooling off after the parade of fire trucks.

"What is this?!"
Winding down the day with some pool time...looks like someone forgot to take their clothes off.
We had a lovely day celebrating our country's independence! 
We planned an adventure to at Itasca State Park with Andrew's parents- biking, swimming, checking out the Mighty Mississippi headwaters- but when the heat index was predicted to be in the 100's after factoring in 80+ percent humidity, we opted to keep the party a little more local (or loco??  Always with this crazy bunch!)  It was just a ten minute drive to the small town of Crosby, MN for a morning parade that consisted of every firetruck within a 50 mile radius, minimum candy (not quite my style, but easier on the kids' teeth.  Blah), and an intermission that lasted long enough for most parade-goers to pack up and start leaving.  Though the word picture doesn't look ideal, I was feeling a tad nostalgic since every childhood Fourth of July memory of mine started right where we sat yesterday- 11:00am next to the army tank in Serpent Lake Park. 
After a refreshing swim, we rallied at our house for brats, 'power' salad (Pinterest, people), and cheesecake.  My mother and little brothers also joined us (my poor dad was doing his line-man duties returning power to some northern Minnesotans who had lost theirs a few days before during one of our many storms we've had this summer.  What a guy my dad is.). 
Contrary to my inner-tugging, I decided to stay home from the fireworks with Margy to get her 8 month old little hindy in bed at a half way decent hour.  Well wouldn't you know it, another storm whipped up and the tornado sirens went off while Andrew and the kiddos and my brother Jonny were watching the light show-- double, fireworks and lightening.  What a creative God!
We ended the day just minutes before July 5th with a family slumber[less] party in the safety of our basement. 
Thank you, Jesus, for spontaneity and freedom-- to be spontaneous or anything else we want to be!

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you all are just SO cute!!! kisses!