Monday, August 23, 2010


I am crazy about these people in this picture (minus, I'm just plain crazy). Oliver Boliver, Georgi Porgy, and Anj. Here we are at a delightful little pizzaria in Dayton, Ohio - one of the destinations on our roadtrip this summer. Oh the joy of family.
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carol said...

i am crazy about these people, too.

angie said...

me too me too me too! what a beautiful shot of your full life.

moren blog said...

yay for vacation and yay for craziness....maggie

moren blog said...

hey liz,
Sorry I don't have your email address but I have a bunch of Enfamil coupons. If you could use them I would mail them to you. Please let me know.

The Kasper Kin-Da Boards said...

That is one cute bunch there!
I love reading your blog and look forward to more all the time....
hi to all you crazies there!