Wednesday, March 26, 2008

The Voyage

*After a long journey, I came home to find that our computer was yet again under the weather. Silly machine wouldn't even turn on, thereby causing delays in the blogging realm. But alas, my very un-techy husband worked some sort of magic and we're back in business. Technology - yuck. Andrew - yay.
Let me start the retelling of fun, excitement and craziness of our trip by confirming that it was all of these and more. Travel went well as we passed time by entertaining Oliver, playing the celebrity guessing game, taking pictures and getting lost. God was faithful (as He always is), getting us to and from Ohio despite the unlikelihood of three airheads + one baby ever navigating successfully over so many miles of open road.
It was such a joy being with Anna and Luke in their lovely home. They, plus Isaac, Jessica, Megan and Nicole equal some of the very greatest people of our time.
A few things we did:
- drove until 5am EDT
- went for a run (which is a daring feat for me, I must say...risky)
- made and ate some of the most amazing food ever, like toasted ravioli, baked potato pizza, peppered steak with Marsala mushroom cream sauce and roasted asparagus, croissant french toast, etc. (all of which brought on the necessity of the run.)
- went to the most unbelievable Goodwill, where there were bins of junk. Seriously, one bin had the cover to Candyland. No game. No bottom of the box. Anna said she's seen people in there with gloves digging around. Yikes. I did, however, find a few diamonds in the rough by way of antique books. One of the books is Pahlmann's Interior Design from 1955, which I will post about sometime.
- attended a church service where we were blessed by a choir consisting of former drug addicts and homeless people.
- shopped like we were being paid to
- talked
- laughed
- played
Here are a few pictures testifying of the grandness of our adventure.


moren blog said...

this is just great! it makes my heart ache to be with you all again! is it june yet?
love, anna

angie said...

YAY! you're back! it looks and sounds like you had SO MUCH FUN! what an adventure. :)

carol said...

wish i could have been there.