Wednesday, November 14, 2007

So I guess I should start recording the happenings of our little family. It's just so crazy around here it's a little difficult.

Oliver's basically in charge, which I don't think is a good thing..although it makes for some pretty hilarious/pull-your-hair-out-intense times! He's just learning how to baby crawl instead of army crawl, so that's exciting. Although, I was just noticing how nothing is safe anymore..he reached up on the coffee table (which he had pulled himself up to), and dumped my coffee out on the magazines that had, until then, been untouched and unaffected by chubby little grubby little paws. What da heck.

Andrew is really enjoying his cabinetry business. There are definitely times when we have to remind ourselves that God is faithful and will provide, but I think that's probably the best place we can don't have to try and remember God's faithfulness when you're experiencing it first hand. It's really neat to see Andrew loving what he does and finding satisfaction in using the creative gifts the Lord has blessed him with. His business partner and his wife just had a baby this week, so that's exciting and awesome to have them in the same stage of life as us.

I'm just chillin with Oliver, thinking about picking up some painting jobs if they come my way. I may have a sickness..I enjoy painting rooms..I think it's the great feeling of completely transforming a space with just a coat of color. It's so refreshing and rewarding.

That's all for today, the boss says it's time to get out of the exersaucer and see something new. I never thought I would become the mom who plays by the kid's rules, and here I am, just such a person.

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carol said...

oh, how sweet, elizabeth! you're such a good writer!...i already know all these things about oliver
but it's fun to read about him anyway...the little imp!