Saturday, November 19, 2016


As I considered writing a political post (and swallowed the puke that came to my mouth) a thought hit me. We are all more (or less) than our words. This is true for all of humanity. We say things we don't mean, and mean things we don't say.

I love where I live. I love freedom, I love cold weather, I love the clean country air. But when my thoughts shift outside of my little circle of influence, and focus on the influencers at large, fear/worry/depression sets in. I can only control myself (and sometimes not even!, chocolate). I need to think about my people, my attitude, my calling- and hope and pray that as I stay true to Jesus and the truth of his Holy Bible, my small circle of influence will be bettered. And in turn, the circles that overlap mine will reach beyond and use my courage to light their group, and on and on. It's sort of like pay it forward. We all do as much as we can on a small level, and pretty soon it's a movement toward truth and respect and forgiveness and justice and mercy. But don't try to make your circle too big. Eventually you may be responsible and mature enough to handle more humans, but start by getting deeper with just the folks you already know. Strengthening your current personal relationships will increase your zeal and love for life. The Bible tells me to do everything without complaining or arguing, so while I'm getting deep with my peeps, I need to be mindful of keeping the conversation high and tight- like my brother-in-law's haircut. I mean encouraging and pertinent. No gossip, no dragging down. High and tight.

There's a chance I watered this down to the point of ineffectiveness. If so, here are some wise words from Valley of Vision- a collection of Puritan prayers and devotionals:

I commend my heart to Thy watchful care,
     for I know its treachery and power;
Guard its every portal from the wily enemy,
Give me quick discernment of his deadly arts,
Help me to recognize his bold disguise as an
     angel of light,
   and bid him begone.
May my words and works allure others to the
     highest walks of faith and love!
May loiterers be quickened to greater diligence
     by my example!
May worldlings be won to delight in acquaintance
     with Thee!
Let my happy place be amongst the poor in spirit,
     my delight the gentle ranks of the meek.
Let me always esteem others better than myself,
    and find in true humility
    an heirdom to two worlds.

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LD said...

Beautiful uplifting words from a gorgeous heart... Love your words that have the essence of the words of Jesus flowing through. For myself, I have seen Him working in this whole U.S. Strife.... people think harder.. regular okay people start to recognize the facts of our culture... and it all means to me, that the Spirit of our precious Lord was 'waking' the just living of duties each day... we are his 'salt' in this world. We know what he says about losing saltiness. I also hold to, the small imtitmate friends the Lord has us in, influencing for the higher bar of His way of living....Creating Trees of Life .... eternal ones...

You are such a sweetheart Lizzie.... I love you, pray for you and Andrew and you now lil ones all locked in my mind and heart from the summer connecting...These llittle souls you have been given to raise... take a load of time and a load of times I hunger and spend time in memory of all the busyness... all the work.. all the tiredness... yet oh my what a life He has given to Mothers and Fathers... take to watch them play.... in those moments are insights into who and what the Lord created them to be.... So many hugs and much love Lynnie. Prov. 3: 5&6