Tuesday, October 21, 2008

"You have got a lot of moxie."

I heard this phrase on a movie recently and, being intrigued, decided to consult my good friend, Webster. Thumbing through the pages I found:
Moxie 1. slang energy; 2. slang courage
This is my new favorite expression.
It's also the name of my new kitten.
Yes, we got another cat. Moxie, a boy, was to replace Amelia, who has a suspicious case of dysentery. But do you think I could part with her? Absolutely not. Where there were none, now there are three. What's wrong with me?
The new kitty, black and white, was named for his energy. While Meow Meow or Amelia could lay contentedly in my lap forever, this one climbs and jumps and rolls until you're ready to fling him on the floor.
--Oh don't worry, I'm sure he'd land on his feet.


angie said...

moxie! love it. :) and it sounds like you found the perfect namesake. now, pictures please! :) hehe

moren blog said...

perfect. i love reading what you write. every time.
are you telling me amelia has not yet met tonya?! this is great news!
love, anna