Monday, October 3, 2016

Stools and rugs: a revolving door, part 1

I've been working on the boys' bedroom, which is nearly ready for a photo sesh with my iPhone. It's getting pretty fun, y'all. 

Chairs. More specifically stools. These 3 beauties below came via Craigslist.  A couple years ago, my friend Tabetha and I were feeling clever without our combined number of 9 (NINE!) children, when we went on the adventure that is fetching a Craigslist find. So even though the stools were less 'petite Windsor' than I expected and more generic 'bigger is better,' my adrenaline said buy them, so I did. They were light maple, totally factory grade blah. I was inspired by this olive color and needed to introduce it to my house. Once painted, they were pretty.. but they were always a little too big for the space, and since they spun I was on constant spin patrol in an effort to preserve them and the counter tops. Alas, they went out as they came in- Craigslist.

[The giant chalkboard sitting behind them is waiting to play a role in an upcoming wedding that I'm styling}
If Andrew can't build something I want, my search starts in the 'used' market (thrift stores, flea markets, Craigslist), but after stalking the stools category on Craigslist for many months and not finding what I wanted, I decided to check I knew I wanted metal, and I found these nice little guys at a very reasonable price. They came in pairs, and since I needed 3, I'm selling one. Check the Brainerd, MN Craigslist! ;)

{The old stools were so big I had to climb on them to get beyond their backs and wash the counter tops..I'm not even being dramatic.}
{Yeah, my favorite part about these stools is they're short enough to tuck under the peninsula and not obstruct the view through the house from the kitchen to the LR. #smallhouseproblems}
The first stools we had (before the olive loves) were of the classic $10 backless maple, fall apart if you look at them variety. Three sets of stools in the 7 years we've lived here, and I think we finally got a keeper.

Next up- rugs.

Also, iPhone photography is in my wheel house..what does that even mean?

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