Sunday, July 27, 2008

Hilarity on 5 Mile

The toilet on the landing, very conveniently located right inside the lower entry door... so it's no longer a problem if you're gardening and suddenly gotta go. Sadly Andrew dispatched the toilet, which I scolded him for.
Olives enjoying watermelon in his new yard.

Some clothes left from the former owner. Thanks, Gladys.
Dear Gladys had enough scarves to outfit the world... or at least every female at the next Kasper garden party.
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angie said...

something tells me gladys and adelyn would be terrific friends. those scarves? those dress-up clothes?? fantastic!!
also, oh my WORD! (about the toilet) thank you so much for sharing that! makes me feel a little better about our own odd toilet placement in our basement. :) so awesome.