Tuesday, August 6, 2013

Tantrums R Us

That's where Margot thinks we live I think.  She's a tantrummer extraordinaire.  Tonight my brother Isaac and sister-in-law Jess stopped in with their sprout, Daphne.  And Margs wowed them.  I guess I do remember the other kids acting two before they turned two, but apparently since that was all of 1.5 years ago for G, my memory of the actual dirty deeds has evaporated...along with my patience and almost every other fruit of the Spirit when dealing with my children.  The biggest problem for me is realizing how dramatic I am when they're not obeying at bedtime or mealtime or quiet time or anytime.  It's like I throw an adult tantrum that's more pathetic and years more ironic than anything that little miss 22 month old beanpole of a Marg could ever dream of composing.  I don't roll around on the floor (I know that surprises you), but my words are ridiculous and there have been, on occasion, items slammed or tossed in a frustrated mothering moment.  It doesn't happen always...it just feels frequent when they're so crazy and there's chaos and confusion and calamity.  That was me being dramatic.  But seriously, am I the only mom who can throw it down?


annag said...

guurl! you know i can.

Unknown said...

You are absolutely NOT alone. I have been horrified at the person that has been exposed in the stressful moments. It is so not fun being horrified by the image of my self. I have to keep hoping its making me stronger and will someday produce something worthwhile in me and my lil' people. Most days I'm filled with dread and doubt that everyone is hopeless and nothing will be good (you thought YOU could be dramatic! Ha!) Love to you all. -April s.

angie said...

oh girl. I totally have tantrums, too. I mean, how are we supposed to avoid them?? we are SURROUNDED by crazy! go easy on yourself. have some grace. and walk away whenever you can (says the mom who has NEVER remembered to do that). this parenting job is no joke. -- and honestly, I think it's even a little harder when you know another round is forthcoming. haha! all the same, the good balances the trying eventually. :) you've got this!